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Sensimar: walk on water

The Pools of Royal Blue

You could hardly be closer to the sea, but if the tides are not friendly, if the waters are too restless to welcome your body with arms of azure, our resort is still the perfect retreat, a welcoming oasis of peace, that will make you feel no less than regal. This is, after all, the Royal Blue.

The Pools of Royal Blue

A few halcyon days by the pool, in the arms of your better half, will offer all the comfort you could want. You have no less than 38 pools around the resort, each a gem in its own right, but even more so those that are exclusively yours: the pools of the deluxe suites.

Yes, the pools of Royal Blue are the stuff of legend, the magical blue that makes you fall under Royal Blue’s powerful spell. Just lay on a chaise longue, and watch the sun set beyond the horizon, painting the waves of the neighbouring Cretan Sea with colours of gold, amber and orange glow. At times the skies overhead are so full of indescribable hues, that you nearly feel like touching the twilight. And when you close your eyes, somewhere in the distance, close to the horizon, you almost hear the lied of the phoenix, just as it tames its wings of fire into the deep Cretan blue, drawing a last breath before rising again with the break of day. Dreams are made of moments like these.

Royal Blue Pool

There’s no other place on the northern coast of Crete that can make you feel so close to the mystical celestial beings, which populated the legends of Olympus. The fearsome Zeus himself was born on Crete: and you are here under his favour.

But maybe, just maybe, you are not a dreamer. Nonetheless , the pools of Royal Blue will convert you. The perfect setting for romance, serene, but exotic, and always kissed by the Cretan sun, at twilight each of these pools ignite the unbridled pleasures of the night.

Royal Blue Pool twilight

Reclining on your chair, with a glass of bubbly in your hand, and eyes sparkling with wonderment as you gaze at your special someone, you are set to rediscover the simple pleasures of life, just like the Greek gods and goddesses used to, when Crete was their cradle. To refine these moments to perfection, plan a romantic dinner for two just by the pool: we bring you the finest fruits of the Cretan land, and candles to spark your imagination.

The pools of Royal Blue evoke thoughts of starry-eyed romance, indeed, but also, they’re the stuff that inspires artists to open their minds, the stuff that brings kindred spirits together. For those enjoying time alone, the pools of Royal Blue have a special healing power, that transforms every dull moment, into a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Royal Blue Pool magic

With their crystal blue, the pools of Royal Blue are part of the full Royal Blue Resort and Spa experience. In the height of the summer, they are refreshing and beckoning, drawing you near, with the charm of Calypso. If you only could stay for seven years! But stay for a while, walk on water, dream of Cretan heroes and gods, fall in love. This is what the Royal Blue Resort and Spa is all about anyway.

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